Lesson 4: Landing Page Blocks: Standard Content (Continued)

Besides the standard fields mentioned earlier ("Image", "Body", and "More Information"), Standard Content blocks have a few extra features:

  • Sub Section Block? In some cases, you may need to set up blocks that are sub-topics of an established top-level topic. (In web terminology, top-level blocks will have their titles marked as "Heading 2" or "H2" but sometimes you need blocks to have "Heading 3" or "H3" headings). Checking this box will format the block title as a sub-topic ("Heading 3") so that readers (and screen readers) will understand your page hierarchy.

  • Colors: This option lets you select from five possible approved text and background color combinations, the default being traditional black text on a white background.

  • Image Position: By default, the primary Image will float to the right of the body text. An additional option is available here to make both the primary Image and the More Information link float to the right. In this case, they will be formatted so that the Body text never wraps underneath them. This is a quick way of creating a standard two-column design with body text to the left and image plus link to the right without having to add a two-column layout section to your page and then add two separate blocks every time.