Lesson 4: Landing Page Blocks: Linked Image/Title Above Text

This block type (which some might call "image navigation") allows for grouping a large image and a descriptive title together inside a hyperlink to another page. Body text, if provided, is shown underneath the linked image and title.

Note: When an arrangement of image and text that link elsewhere is desired, accessibility rules require them to be within the same hyperlink. However, the CKEditor rich text editor does not support this concept, so the Linked Image/Title Above Text block type is provided to work around this issue while making it faster to create a number of these blocks for a page.

Linked Image/Title Above Text has most of the same options as the Standard Content block, with two exceptions:

  • There is no control for image placement, as that is fixed to the top of the block.

  • Instead of a "More Information" link, there is an Image/Title Link field for the URL of your link – you can enter a URL path or simply type in a word or two from an existing page title and the built-in look-up tool will try to find the page for you. The block Title will become the text of the link, shown underneath the primary Image.

Note: The Image/Title Link is actually optional, so you could use this block type to simply display a large image with a title (and optionally additional Body text) underneath. This is useful if you need to balance out a gallery of linked blocks with some that can't easily be linked to any other page. However, if you are looking to create a true photo album, you should use the Captioned Image Gallery block instead, which provides a much richer feature set.