Lesson 2: Editing Basic Pages: Lists

The two List buttons [] let you turn a series of lines into an unordered (bulleted) or ordered (numbered) list.

The buttons to the right of them [] allow you to push a list item to become a sublist, or bring it back up to the parent list. You can also do the same by pressing "Tab" or "Shift-Tab" while on a list item.

List Spacing: If you feel that the default line spacing for lists is too small, you can increase it easily by selecting all of the list items that need more space, and then selecting Normal from the Format menu. This works much better than trying to manually add space after each line.

Lists in Columns: If you went through this tutorial in the past, you might recall the ability to format lists into two to four columns. Unfortunately, the new CKEditor that comes with Drupal 10 no longer supports that functionality.