Lesson 1: The Basics: Other Types of Content

Many sites have special pages that are not directly editable because they pull in their content from other sites. These "dynamic" pages often include "News and Events" pages and "Faculty / Staff Profile" listings and pages. If you do not see View and Edit tabs on such a page then it is one of these "dynamic" pages.

For dynamic News and Events listings and pages, the content comes from Mercury, the campus central news and events system. If your unit uses Mercury and wants you to manage their news and events, then they will request access for you to Mercury, at which time training resources will be offered to you. If your unit wishes to make changes to the format of these pages, you should contact the college web developer for assistance.

For dynamic Faculty and Staff Profile listings and pages, the content comes from the college's central Faculty and Staff Directory. All faculty and staff in the college have access to this system to maintain their own profile, and many of our larger units (i.e. schools) have someone designated with access to modify any of their unit's faculty and staff profiles. If your unit wishes you to be this designated person, they will let you know and put in a request to the college web developer, who will set up that access and offer you training resources.