Lesson 1: The Basics: Content Types

There are two standard content types for pages on our Drupal sites:

  • Basic Page - This is a simple page much like a basic word processing document. It has a page title, rich text area, and optionally some attached files (e.g. PDFs, Word Documents, etc). Basic Pages are designed to convey a single topic without any special structuring of the page.

  • Landing Page - This is akin to a magazine or newspaper style page with columns and design components (e.g. accordions, tab panels, image navigation, photo galleries, etc). Landing Pages are built up from layout sections (rows) that accept one or more components. As with a Basic Page, you can also optionally attach files.

On some older sites you may see other content types, some of which you may be able to edit but not create. One example is the Landing Page Block, which is used for managing blocks of text within a layout that was too complex to create as a standard Landing Page.