Further Resources for Training

The following resources may prove helpful in learning more about Drupal 9:

  • LinkedIn Learning training – Available to all Georgia Tech employees and students. Search for 'Drupal 10' after logging into the actual LinkedIn Learning site. (Login must be done via https://linkedinlearning.gatech.edu/ – you cannot log into LinkedIn Learning by going directly to their website!)

  • Drupal.org Drupal 10 User Guide – This is a very comprehensive guide. As a unit content manager, you should focus on just Chapters 1, 2, 5, and possibly 6. Most of the other chapters will cover functionalities that you will not have access to on our college Drupal websites, but feel free to skim over them and inquire with the college web developer's office about features you think might be useful. Some of them may already be set up on our sites, and some may be available to you on request (e.g. taxonomies, views, etc.)

  • Georgia Tech Drupal Users Group – Reference guides to Drupal created by the Georgia Tech community. The site still contains some materials for Drupal 7 users, so watch the 'Drupal Version' page tags to make sure a page applies to Drupal 9 or 10. (Anything that applies to Drupal 9 should be applicable to Drupal 10 unless otherwise noted.) Please note that a lot of the material is for technical managers of Drupal 9 sites, so many topics may not apply to site content managers.