Lesson 4: Landing Pages: Adding Layout Headlines

In addition to regular layout section types, there are two special "headline" layout types that move their attached block(s) up above the page title, allowing them to stretch out to 1440 pixels wide. Only one of these special "headline" layouts can be added to a page, and it should ideally be the topmost layout on the page. (If you add more than one headline layout, only the topmost one will have any effect.) For the best visual effect, only Headline Banner blocks should be attached to these layouts.

  • Headline Slideshow Set: if a single block is attached, it will simply be moved up above the page title. If multiple blocks are attached, then they are presented as a manual slideshow with the slides randomized on each page load by default.

  • Headline Three-way Set: accepts exactly three blocks and arranges them above the page title with the first to the left, and the second and third to the right, stacked one above the other. Do take note of the necessary image sizes to make the layout work cleanly:
    • Left Image: 960px X 450px
    • Right Images: 480px X 225px

Examples of these headline section types can be found on our Theming Demonstration Site.