Lesson 4: Landing Page Blocks: Headline Banner

This block type is slightly similar to the Image with Text Overlay block, but instead of darkening the entire image, only the bottommost section is darkened, and the darkening effect tapers off gradually. The text will always be rendered within the darkened section, ensuring that it is accessibility compliant.

While designed specificaly for use within the provided Headline layout sections, Headline Banner blocks can be used in regular one, two, three, or four column layouts, or in Blurb / Gallery Set layouts. Do note that outside of Headline layout sections, the maximium visible width of the primary image will be 1170 pixels, as that is the maximum width of the main page area.

The configuration of this block type is extremely simple: just upload an image, provide a title, and then provide optional additional text in the Body field. If you want the title to link to another page, just set the Title link to the appropriate URL, or simply type in a word or two from an existing page title and the built-in look-up tool will try to find the page for you.