Lesson 4: Landing Pages: Basics of Managing Layout Sections

To add content to or update content on a Landing Page, navigate to the page and select the Layout tab to access the Layout view. You will then be shown an outline of the existing page with buttons at the top to Save, Discard, or Revert your changes.

Be aware that most changes are retained in a temporary buffer that persists even if you navigate off to another page of the website. Changes stored in that buffer are not reflected on the published page until you select the Save layout button on the Layout view. If you want to throw out your latest changes, select the Discard changes button to take your Layout view back to your last published version.

Warning: The Revert to defaults button lets you wipe out everything on the page and start from scratch. It does verify that you really want to do this, but once you select Revert to confirm, you will lose all content from that page!. Be very careful about using this option!