Lesson 2: Editing Basic Pages: CKEditor and Videos

Our college Drupal sites support oEmbed URLs for embedding MediaSpace, YouTube, and Vimeo videos, as well as Google Maps. The process is extremely straightforward: just find the oEmbed URL for a video you have uploaded to either service and paste it into your CKEditor content, ideally on a line of its own. When the page is displayed, the URL will be turned into an embedded video player.

Details on embedding from MediaSpace and YouTube are summarized below. Full details on all services supported by our oEmbed processor can be found on our theming demonstration site.

MediaSpace Embedding

If you have ownership or editor access to a video in MediaSpace, then just log into the system, navigate to the video, select the Share tab, and then select oEmbed on the panel that appears below the main set of tabs. Set the options as you wish, then copy the provided URL and paste it into your CKEditor content. (See the full details page to learn how to formulate a URL for a MediaSpace video that you don't own.)

YouTube Embedding

When viewing a video in YouTube, just select the SHARE option and copy the URL shown. Do note that YouTube oEmbed URLs are of the form "https://youtu.be/XXXXXXXXXXX", where 'XXXXXXXXXXX' is a code made up of numbers and letters. If you paste in a video's primary URL of the form "https://www.youtube.com/.....", such URLs will not be processed into an embedded video player. (Helpful tip: the difference in URLs means that you when you just want to post a link to a video, you can use the www.youtube.com version and have just a link, not an embedded player.)