Lesson 2: Editing Basic Pages: CKEditor and Images

The image tool [] is customized for Drupal and will let you upload your image file through its pop-up panel. (Other versions of CKEditor usually require you to upload your file somewhere else and then copy-and-paste the image URL into the CKEditor image tool).

The image tool has also had a number of image adjustment features removed to discourage content managers from uploading giant files and then sizing them down to fit on the web page, which has always been a bad practice. You should always resize your images in an image editing application (e.g. Preview in MacOS or Paintbrush in Windows) before uploading them to your website. Below are some commonly used image widths to help you out:

  • 1/2 page width: 500px wide
  • 1/3 page width: 340px wide
  • Full page width: 1024px wide

Please note that there is a maximum size limit, and images over this size will be reduced to be no wider and taller than 1200px.