Lesson 1: The Basics: Getting Around

The black administrative toolbar provides access to a variety of functions for reviewing and managing site content. Most all of your work will be done under the Manage tab. When this tab is selected, you will see a white tray (referred to in this course as the "Manage Tray") underneath with more options:

  • The teal icon is the Drupal logo or "drop" and will always take you back to the front page of the site no matter where you are.

  • Under Content, you can list out and manage website pages (referred to as "nodes") and also add new pages. This area is known as the "Content Overview"

  • Also under Content you can manage images that have been stored in media galleries.

  • Under Structure, you can manage the system menu objects. The two primary menus are "Main Navigation" and "Social Media". Some sites may have additional menus defined, such as for sidebar or footer menus.

  • You can completely ignore Configuration and Help, as they will not be useful to content managers.